Discrimination against white people: It’s real (As real as the discrimination against black people was under segregation)

The release of an NPR poll in which a majority of white people (55%) answered that they face racial discrimination was treated with the media’s usual cocktail of condescension, disbelief and contempt.

But it’s not up for debate.

(Article by Daniel Greenfield republished from FrontPageMag.com)

Racial discrimination against white people today is as real as the discrimination against black people was under segregation. We can talk about subjective experiences and do statistical correlations about differential outcomes until the cows come home. And that’s what most talk about racism is these days.

That and emotional outbursts, cries of, “Hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe”.

But only one racial group in America is subject to a system of codes, regulations and laws discriminating against members of its race when it comes to employment and education.

Affirmative action is an inescapably real and racist as segregated water fountains.

Affirmative action is racial discrimination, not as a matter of opinion, but as a hard objective fact. Racial preferences reward and punish people based on their race. These preferences, no matter how they are disguised, pervade not just one region, the way that segregation did, but much of the country. Diversity is a mandate on campuses and in corporations across the country. And it’s the very definition of racism.

Defenders of affirmative action claim that such measures are necessary. And we can have that debate. But it’s really a debate defending racial discrimination by the government, by the educational system and by many of the country’s biggest corporations. And so before we have that debate, we should clarify that we are debating whether racial discrimination is sometimes justified.

And the side arguing for racial discrimination should not be allowed to legitimize its racism through weasel words like “reverse racism”. Racism is racism. No matter who the perpetrators and victims are.

Justifying racial discrimination is a repugnant idea. The defenders of affirmative action feel that they are justified. But George Wallace and Malcolm X felt the same way. Racists generally feel that they are justified. When their views are socially acceptable enough, they don’t even recognize their own racism.

The condescension, disbelief and contempt at that 55% number come from that willful blindness. And from class differences between white college educated elites and the white working class.

Working class white people are much more likely to feel discriminated against. But the perception of discrimination correlates across races with success and wealth. The poorer you are, the more likely you are to feel discriminated against. African-Americans have the highest perception of discrimination while Asian-Americans are the minority group with the lowest perception of discrimination.

But a majority of every racial group now feels discriminated against. And sizable majorities of every racial group blame the “prejudice of individual people” over government laws for their discrimination.

African-Americans blame individual prejudice over government policy by two to one. Asian-Americans blame individual prejudice by an even higher margin. White people and Latinos both blame individual prejudice over laws. Are we really becoming a more tolerant society when everyone is convinced that they are being oppressed by everyone else? Is this what the new identity politics utopia looks like?

We have become a broken multicultural society where most people are convinced that other races have it in for them. And the only answer that the Dems can come up with is more identity politics.

Democrats used to focus on class. Then they went so far down the rabbit hole of identity politics that they discarded white working class voters and became the party of minorities: no matter how wealthy. That 55% number has been used by the media to link white voters to the rise of Trump. And that’s true. But while the media paints nasty caricatures of its cultural enemies, it misses the ugly mug in the mirror.

Opposing Trump was a wealthy white woman who insisted that she was the real victim. Hillary Clinton didn’t come out of nowhere. Her Democrat predecessor was a wealthy black man whose media lackeys insisted that every criticism of him was racist. You can find that same dynamic across the Dem political machine where the real victims are wealthy, urban multicultural elites. The real victims are Linda Sarsour, Cory Booker, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison and a rash of other powerful figures.

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